About our electronic signing tool

Ensuring contracts are legally binding

About electronic signatures

Electronic signing is offered as standard as part of Juro’s end-to-end contract management platform. We help you capture signatures through intuitive, mobile responsive signing flows, making contracts legally binding and delivering a great user experience for your most trusted stakeholders.

Frustrated with the wasted time and high risk associated with Word, pdf and hand signing processes, businesses are increasingly turning to electronic signing. In fact, the market for electronic signing is growing by more than 30% per year.

Compliance with regulation

Electronic signatures are now generally accepted around the globe. And with the exception of a handful of contract types in certain jurisdictions, electronic signing enables contracts to become both legally binding and admissible in Court.

Juro’s electronic signing infrastructure has been designed to comply with the key requirements of all major electronic signing regulations around the world. These include European Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 of 2014 (known as ‘eIDAS‘), the US Unifom Electronic Transactions Act of 1999 (known as ‘UETA’), the US Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000 (known as ‘ESIGN’).

Identity verification

One key component of electronic signing is identity verification. This means that Juro takes steps to confirm the identity of each signatory to contracts. We collect information from counterparties, including verified email addresses, IP addresses, browser and device information and third party authentication data (as explained further in our our Privacy Policy.). This helps us to confirm the identity of the party on the other side of contracts.


Contracts signed on Juro are timestamped and made immutable by secure hash algorithms, meaning that it is almost impossible to change them. Pdfs of your contracts can be extracted at any time. This security infrastructure is powered in partnership with Amazon Web Services, which is trusted around the world for it’s data security infrastructure.

In addition, a secure audit trail of all activity on contracts is permanently recorded for each of your contracts and on an aggregated basis for your workspace, which gives you a clear picture of the history of contract signing. Those audit trails can be extracted from your workspace presented as evidence in court in the very unlikely event of a signature to a contract ever being disputed.

Protecting your data

Juro protects the data of your business and its contract counterparties, including ID verification data (see our privacy policy for more information). Connections to Juro are encrypted using 256-bit SSL with integrity assured by the SHA2 ECDSA algorithm. In addition, Juro operates on servers that comply with strict international data security standards, including ISO 27001. Juro servers also comply with applicable data protection laws and the AWS Data Processing Agreement incorporates the Article 29 Working Party Model Clauses.

More on this in our Data Security Policy and our Privacy Policy.

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Pavel Kovalevich, cofounder of Juro.com
Here is a short description of how electronic signing works at Juro, which is in line with market standard practices. Let us know if you have questions!